As a small independent search firm, we dedicate our resources to providing our clients with outstanding levels of service.

All of our search work is conducted with our clients’ best interests in mind. It is a business governed by strong ethical standards, resulting in a search process where we handle all sources, prospects and candidates in a professional manner; representing our clients appropriately and accurately.

Our client relations are paramount to our success!

Our proven success is about our process and knowing the industry. We see our role as an adjunct to your human resources and senior management teams.

We approach each search by gaining insightful information about your specific requirements, your firm’s hiring parameters and people ethos.

By understanding your needs and knowing the players, we feel confident about conducting a search that efficiently presents qualified candidates based on criteria gleaned on our initial meetings with clients. As a retained search firm we realize that Pinetum Partners is an extension of your firm and must conduct ourselves in a manner that best reflects your business values and culture.

Our extensive reach of professionals in financial functions and in the financial services space guides us to high caliber industry sources that enable us to achieve a very high success rate. Targeted searches, in-depth research, along with thorough analysis allow us to pin-point viable candidates without wasting valuable time and expense.

Our process has effectively reduced the actual cycle time it takes to complete a search. The result is a client that remains competitive, and who can move ahead quickly with their business plans.